Food Packaging by D. Goyon, R. Vicente and C. Alamy

D. Goyon, R. Vicente and C. Alamy Portrays The Chips Bcbg Food Packaging

D. Goyon, R. Vicente and C. Alamy, the lead designer of the highlighted project D. Goyon, R. Vicente and C. Alamy's Chips BCBG Food packaging explicates, The challenge for the realization of chip packings of the brand BCBG consisted in carrying <Cropped>

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The Residential Complex by Rasool Akhondzadeh, Ghasemi and Yoosefi

Rasool Akhondzadeh, Ghasemi and Yoosefi Designs The Housing From Ground to Sky The Residential Complex

Rasool Akhondzadeh, Ghasemi and Yoosefi, the creator of the displayed project Housing from Ground to Sky by Rasool Akhondzadeh, Ghasemi and Yoosefi illustrates, In modern architecture, high-rise building and skyscraper has been, suggested as one of t <Cropped>

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Table by Xiaoming Li

Xiaoming Li Presents The Paper Table Table

Xiaoming Li, the lead designer of the awarded design Table by Xiaoming Li demonstrates, The unique feature of soft table lies in excavating the special nature of paper in order to design it for the undulating shape. Its function is defined for taking <Cropped>

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Designliga's Das Brot. Bread Bakery and Restaurant

Designliga Spotlights The Das Brot. Bread Bakery and Restaurant

Designliga, the designer of the displayed project Bread Bakery and Restaurant by Designliga demonstrates, “Das Brot.“ is the bread bakery and restaurant of Volkswagen Group's highly frequented communication platform Autostadt in Wolfsburg, G <Cropped>

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Necklaces and Bracelets by Anne Dumont

Anne Dumont Exhibits The Space Necklaces and Bracelets

Anne Dumont, the project leader of the highlighted work Necklaces and bracelets:Space by Anne Dumont illustrates, The Space collection are necklaces and bracelets made only from one folded wire. These are as well 3D sculpture wich can be used as deco <Cropped>

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Zene by John G Williams

John G Williams Illustrates The Zene Dining Chair

John G Williams, the architect of the awarded project Award Winning Zene Dining chair points out, Zene dining chair takes its inspiration from indigenous timber and Danish Modern design. The light ash frames are simple and robust and support hardwood <Cropped>

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Coffee Table:interlocking Table by Sawako Kaijima

Sawako Kaijima Reveals The Interlocking Table Coffee Table

Sawako Kaijima, the lead designer of the displayed work Award Winning Interlocking Table Coffee Table illustrates, Interlocking Table combines knowledge extracted from traditional timber joinery and new computational simulation and digital fabricatio <Cropped>

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Design Quality Certificate

Are You Looking For a Quality Certificate to Highlight Your Design Value? to Prove Your Design Is Good? Consider The a-Prime Design Award

Good Design? Prove it by winning the A’ (A-Prime) Design Award. You will get a certificate of design excellence to use for your products. The search for excellence in design and innovation is on. Reach design oriented audiences at a time when they <Cropped>

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Luminaire by Daniel Guillotin

Daniel Guillotin Portrays The Altesalux Luminaire

Daniel Guillotin, the lead designer of the awarded work Daniel Guillotin's Altesalux Luminaire demonstrates, Between object and sculpture. Bright by day, illuminating at night. The particularity of this luminaire is that it reacts to daylight (W <Cropped>

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Premium Wooden Drawer by Peter Van Hoecke & Kevin Donceel

Peter Van Hoecke & Kevin Donceel Portrays The Ta'or Box Premium Wooden Drawer

Peter Van Hoecke & Kevin Donceel, the lead designer of the highlighted project Peter Van Hoecke & Kevin Donceel's Ta'or box Premium wooden drawer explains, TA'OR BOX opens up completely new design possibilities: the drawer is <Cropped>

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