All Types of Interior Designing . Vehicle and Architectureinterior and Exterior of Architectural and Automotive

All types of interior designing . vehicle and architectureInterior and exterior of architectural and automotive.

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Harbor by Hsin-Yuan Lee

Hsin-Yuan Lee Creates The Harbor Interior Design

Hsin-Yuan Lee, the creator of the award winning work Interior Design by Hsin-Yuan Lee explicates, The building amenities, in this design plan, encompass the reception hall, corridor, lounge, hanging garden, etc. The design team advocated the simple s <Cropped>

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Curved Paper Sales Center by Kris Lin

Kris Lin Shows The Curved Paper Sales Center Sales Center

Kris Lin, the architect of the highlighted project Sales Center:Curved Paper Sales Center by Kris Lin explicates, Disappeared wall, box and tunnels are used as space boundary and function division.Large area of floor glass is applied in the building <Cropped>

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Award Winning Heart Ring Accessory

Ellen Zhu Demonstrates The Heart Ring Accessory

Ellen Zhu, the designer of the displayed work Heart Ring - Accessory by Ellen Zhu illustrates, There's an old say in Chinese "Men's ten fingers are linked to the heart", which shows the intimate connection between the fingers and <Cropped>

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Logo Design For a Theme Inn by Ming Mao & Dabin Yao

Ming Mao & Dabin Yao Portrays The Cang Logo Design For a Theme Inn

Ming Mao & Dabin Yao, the creator of the displayed design Cang - Logo design for a theme Inn by Ming Mao & Dabin Yao explains, The"Cang"design represent the theme of the inn which is divided into three degrees, "luxury, deluxe, <Cropped>

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Side Table For a Living Area:sliding Table by José Leite

José Leite Creates The Sliding Table Side Table For a Living Area

José Leite, the creative mind behind the displayed work Side table for a living area:Sliding Table by José Leite says, The principal aspect of the Sliding Table is the relation between the different pieces. The table has a complementary support b <Cropped>

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Dish Drawer™ by Caitlin Davis

Caitlin Davis Spotlights The Dish Drawer™ Drawer Dishwasher

Caitlin Davis, the maker of the awarded work Drawer Dishwasher:Dish Drawer™ by Caitlin Davis explains, Fisher & Paykel Appliances debuts the new models that are quieter and more energy and water-efficient than ever including being Energy Star c <Cropped>

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Award Winning Tipsy Residential Interior

Wei-Nien Lu Reveals The Tipsy Residential Interior

Wei-Nien Lu, the designer of the highlighted design Wei-Nien Lu's Tipsy residential interior illustrates, Make a metaphor of the space as the moment of tasting, elegant and pithy, brewing and sedate. It breaks through the existing configuration, <Cropped>

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Szidf 2019 Gadget Design Award

The Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association, and, Invite You All to Design The Official Gadget/Souvenir For All The Attendees of The Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair 2019.szidf 2019 Gadget Design Award Also This Year

The shenzhen industrial design profession association, and, invite you all to design the official gadget/souvenir for all the attendees of the shenzhen international industrial design fair 2019.Szidf 2019 gadget design award also this y <Cropped>

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Residential House by Wen-Hsiang Chao

Wen-Hsiang Chao Shares The Tranquil Mind Brings Success Residential House

Wen-Hsiang Chao, the maker of the award winning project Wen-Hsiang Chao's Tranquil Mind Brings Success Residential House illustrates, This is a residential space planning design project, the owners wanted to create a space where children may exe <Cropped>

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